Friday, November 11, 2011

somewhere shocked rudeness

Posted by Picasa Overhead  a plane full of people is going somewhere.

In an article in today's paper on food  preparation is this quote, picked out in bold type: "I was truly shocked at  how easy it was to make cheese." I feel unpersuaded to read on.

Rudeness has an appeal all of its own. It adds a harshness and sour flavour to shopping chores, which sharpen the appetite. In a cutlers shop today I ask about butter knives. I indicate a broad bladed knife with a large flat hook instead of a handle. The hook is almost the same size as the blade. "Is this a butter knife?" I ask. "Yes," says a surly attendant. "What is this for? " I ask indicating the hook/handle. "I don't know," he says."We're closing down. There's 40 per cent off." When asked he shows me a more conventional butter knife which I buy. There is 40 per cent off the price. But that isn't the point.


CC said...

But you've still written another great opening to a short story (at least) with
your butter knife tale. Perhaps a novel.

Roderick Robinson said...

I think we need a photo of the hook-handled knife so that we can all speculate on a plausible application.