Wednesday, November 23, 2011

starling working ponies

Bird tree fruited with starlings.

Two days ago our computers stopped receiving signals. And so did the television. Both sets of signals come via cable provided by Virgin. Today the problem is sorted out and so we are back on air and glad of it.

An unusual sight in Tunbridge Wells.  In Grosvenor Road, outside the convenience store are two ponies each harnessed to a one-seater tubular metal trap. Beside them are two lads snacking on packets of crisps. They tell me that they race them. "Where", I say. Anywhere we can,"  they say. A few minutes later, I am walking up Mount Pleasant. I hear the clop of hooves. There are the ponies with their owners trotting up the hill among  the traffic.


Lucas said...

Good to know you back on line.
The tubular steel traps sound strange, as if something very traditional is being given a highly modern twist.

Roderick Robinson said...

Clopping quadrupeds are common on Hereford roads. I slow down to a crawl and am gratefully waved at by the riders. They think I love their nags, I only love my door panels.

Lucy said...

The starling trees are beautiful.