Saturday, November 26, 2011

chance coincidence bench

Posted by Picasa Sometimes a graffito merges with its background to produce something of interest. This one appears on a lamp post in The Grove. It strikes me that it would be satisfying as an abstract expressionist painting.. My only contribution has been to identify it and crop the resulting photograph.

This  morning I take out my mobile phone to call Mrs Plutarch.  I need to confer about purchases in the market and anticipated guests. The phone vibrates in my hand. I answer it.  It is Mrs Plutarch  calling me.

The other day I spotted in the distance a man sitting on a bench with a woolly dog beside him also on the bench. The dog's paw rested on the man's knee. A second dog sat on the ground under the bench. Today I see the same man and the same dogs. The dog on the bench occupies the same place beside the man, its paw on his knee. The other dog is under the bench.  This second siting with its precise resemblance to the first strikes me as a significant indication of habit and routine as well as of an unusual relationship.


The Crow said...

The dog on the bench is alpha, the man is beta and the one under the bench is omega. Bench dog rules.

CC said...

Love your abstract expressionist photo.

Unknown said...

Crow It struck me that the bench dog is convinced that it is a human being. I read your blog but I am afraid I still find commenting almost impossible. I don't know why but I keep trying.

CC Nature helps.