Wednesday, November 02, 2011

posing coach works creatures

Posted by Picasa Mr Crow poses for camera in The Grove. I agree with Martha, The Crow's comment here the other day about the "unintentional pomposity" of crows. They are self-important above all else. The way people can be self-important. Anthropomorphism is a weakness of mine, but crows seem to invite it.

This used to be a "coach works" says Bill referring to a former function of The Compasses pub outside which we are sitting. At our feet is a circular sheet of steel about two meters in diameter.  There is a space in the centre now filled with tarmac. The steel is painted black.  He explains that the wheel was placed over the steel; molten metal was poured into the central  hole for the hub; and strips of metal applied to the rim of the wheel. The metal tightened round the rim, and the spokes shrunk into position. "No glue, screws or rivets needed." How often have I seen and trodden on that circle of black steel and not given a thought to its purpose!

This morning I am early in The Grove. People dressed  for work are hurrying in the direction of the station. A woman with two energetic dogs, which are haring about among the trees,  remarks as I watch and photograph a squirrel  reaching  for a nut while balanced on  a branch : "I like watching squirrels. They run up  tree trunks and play hide and seek with the dogs. I like them: little, living creatures." As I walk on she says: "Have a nice day." The phrase seems to be catching on, on this side of the pond. But seems to have more meaning here than on the other side, perhaps because, there, it has been longer in use.


tristan said...

it might be the crows' goose-stepping march that gives them that arrogant demeanour

Unknown said...

Sometimes you see a crow sitting in the middle of a field. I often think that it believes itself, to be God,and in charge of the whole wide world.

The Crow said...

"Make sure you capture my good side," says Mr. Crow. "There's a good man, Joe!"

The Crow said...

On second reading of your comment, I was reminded that Friends (Quakers) believe we all carry God (the Light) within; we are encouraged always to seek that of God in our fellow man, especially those that on first glance appear to be empty of the Light.

With that in mind, I suggest that if God resides within us all, mightn't that include the crows? If so, your observation might be on target. It's just that crows have no false modesty to get in the way of their relationship with the Light; no self-deprecation.

Unknown said...

I like and admire almost all the things that Quakers say and do. I'm sure that you are right about God residing in crows. And you are right too to say that false modesty is not one of their faults.If they have faults that is. Unless of course it is, which I strongly suspect, that homo sapiens resides in crows as well.