Monday, February 06, 2012

berries shovel caterpillar

Posted by Picasa Berries with consumer.

The snow which greeted  us yesterday morning is fast disappearing but not before I have the opportunity to clear the path to the front door with the new snow shovel. I thought, with the warm January, that I might not have an excuse to use the shovel. But I am glad to say that it proves a satisfactory investment, a better tool for the purpose than the garden spade which is all had in last winter's heavy snow.

This afternoon snow is still lying on the grass in The Grove. The remains of snowmen are all over the place, and one unvanquished,  stands about seven foot tall with a carrot for a nose and coals for eyes and waistcoat buttons. Beside him is a line of giant snowballs side by side." A snowman factory", I suggest; but a more imaginative onlooker beside mesays, " a snow caterpillar!"


CC said...

Beautiful photo.

Lucy said...

That is lovely, the photo. Looks a bit like an Arts and Crafts tile or something, would make a fine card.