Friday, February 10, 2012

clouds memories shouts

Posted by PicasaSky scape in the afternoon looking south from Calverley Ground.

I have learnt much and am still learning in retrospect from Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman,  the psychologist and Nobel Laureate in Economics. He distinguishes at one point between  the "experiencing self"  which reacts to pleasure and pain without analysis or detachment as it happens and the "remembering self, which reacts to it after the event in a very different way and with different results. "Memories," he writes, " are all we keep from our experience of living and the only perspective that we can adopt as we think about our lives is that of the remembering self." Maybe it is obvious to say that Proust would have understood that.

In the Pantiles this afternoon I hear some men shouting. As I draw closer to them I realise that they are not so much shouting as having a conversation. Young men nowadays seem to have the need to shout, perhaps to assert their masculinity. In the same way some young women, seem  have the urge to scream at the least opportunity, perhaps to assert their femininity.

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