Saturday, February 25, 2012

seagulls self-cleaning fart

Posted by Picasa Seagulls on an aerial.

We talk to a woman with a dog. "That's a Spitz," says Heidi who knows her breeds. It is  dazzling white in the sunshine. "You keep it very well," says Heidi. "Yes," says the woman, who is tall and blond with a Slavic accent. "It is a self-cleaning dog; you just let it get wet and when it is dry it is white again."

A  side window of the ground floor flat next door was broken last night.  Did you have burglars? we ask.  "No, it was someone drunk as a fart ."  That's Friday night for you.


Lucy said...

A fart that broke a window? Blimey!

(It simply must be added that the WV is 'stormun sferti', which seems appropriate...)

The Crow said...

At first glance at the title, I thought you were posting about a self-cleaning fart.

After I stopped laughing, I remembered a scatalogical joke my brothers used to tell when they were adolescents, which contained the line, "Farts don't have lumps."

There is more to it than that, but it is best to stop here. I apologize for the obscenity.

Roderick Robinson said...

The seagulls appear to have adopted the sort of half-symmetry one sees in bar-codes: one, space, one, one, one. I suppose they're waiting to be scanned.