Thursday, February 09, 2012

contrast powerless rose

Posted by PicasaBlackbird in the snow.

If we thought too much about all the bad things that happen  life would be unbearable. Yet how heartless we would be if we pretended that all was right with the world. I feel some sympathy for Tu Fu who wrote:
   "A line of cranes in flight is silent:
   A pack of wolves baying over their prey breaks the quiet.
   I cannot sleep because I am concerned about wars,
   Because I am powerless to amend the world."

In flower outside the front door where the remains of the snow has iced over a solitary red rose.


CC said...

Another delightful bird.

A friend sent this today:
I'm thinking the Earth is the insane
asylum of the universe.

Lucy said...

This post is all of a piece, poignant and satisfying.