Sunday, February 26, 2012

crow young saleable

Posted by PicasaCrow has a particular light in his eye this morning.

"May I take one of these, young man," says a rather threatening pale and rather fat man, as I am filling in my lottery form. He is I realise being friendly as he looks for the particular y form that he wants. "Young man" can  I suppose  be a flattering form of  address if you are no longer young, but that  can be alternative interpretations. In Spanish I am told that  to address a stranger as joven  is perfectly in order provided the person you are talking to is older than you.

A man is blaring jargon into his telephone. "A saleable product in itself. It is not flash. I thought 'good on you.'" he says.


CC said...

Handsome crow. Love Crows.

The Crow said...
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