Sunday, March 11, 2012

catkins raking white

Posted by Picasa Catkin time. These are hazel on the  cobnut tree, which the squirrels, daft creatures,  strip in late summer even before the nuts have formed. Under the tree the shells of barren nuts litter the herb bed.

Dead leaves and twigs stack up among the roots of the cistus and roses. I rake them out and fill a sack with them and various unwelcome shoots while overhead in the lime tree, a great tit peeps "well done, well done". They seem to be prolific this year out-populating the usual blackbirds.

For the last couple of weeks there have been daffodils in the house. Heidi's preference is for white rather than yellow  if they can be found. Those I bring back from Sainsbury's today  are still in bud and you cannot tell until you look closely. "They are white, " she exclaims with extra pleasure, as she arranges them.


Roderick Robinson said...

When my custard ailment was its worst Mrs LdP brought in a frail twig from which two contracted catkins hung. They were installed in a chipped drinking glass in a place where I saw them regularly. Gradually they lengthened and eventually a leaf (previously unseen)sprouted from the twig. They didn't exactly ease my tubes but they did confirm that life is more of a commonplace than death. That helped.

The Crow said...

Your photo reminds me of a Chinese scroll, titled, perhaps, "Spring."

marja-leena said...

Oh yes, we have one of those hazelnut trees, grown from a nut planted by a squirrel. We've never had a nut for ourselves. Yes to the mess here as well and pulling out seedlings here and there.