Wednesday, March 28, 2012

goose pimientos pump

At this time of year we invariably get the bus to Groombridge to look at the daffodils (more of them soon) in front of Groombridge Place. On the way  geese are grazing or swimming in the lake. Similar photographs every year, but always a pleasure to spot their eager eyes.

Among the tapas at the tapas bar called Sopranos in The High Street we eat pimientos de Padron. These small green peppers are usually served grilled and  are full of flavour.  As a rule they are not hot, but part of the fun is to come across the occasional exception, which is a bit like a mild chili. They are one of the many good things from Spain which are not widely known over. The taste revives memories of a bar in Galicia and later one in Madrid. Flavours and places are often inseparable.

Heavy rain which floods which recently began to flood our larder are no longer to be dreaded. Dom, my son in law, came yesterday bringing tools, a pump and some tubing. There is now a sump in the concrete  floor of the larder where,  when it rains, the water level will  now trigger the pump and remove the water to a drain outside the kitchen.  

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CC said...

Lovely Goose!
Always enjoy your bird pics.