Saturday, March 10, 2012

drying anenomies rare

Posted by PicasaHanging out to dry.

Some windflowers or anemones at The Farmers Market. The label says, "three for five pounds".  I mistakenly say "three pounds" when I pay for them. "Three for five", the friendly stall holder reminds me. I make a joke about wishful thinking, and nevertheless hand over just three pounds, which she accepts, her eye off  the ball. |As I walk away I realise that my mind was far away too, and go back to hand over the remaining two pounds. I would never make a rogue, I think to myself. More 's the pity.

At a meat stall  at the market the talk is of rare breeds, Sussex and Hebridean lamb and  Gloucester Old spot and Saddle Back pigs. I think about these lovely looking animals. Were we all vegetarians, it is likely, I reflect, since they are only bred to be killed and eaten,  that far from being rare, they would not exist at all.


CC said...

Love, love, love the photo.

Unknown said...

They are soft toys rescued by neighbours from their attic. The owner of the toys is now in his forties.