Sunday, March 18, 2012

work secure dads

Posted by Picasa From a "road works ahead" roadside warning. Removed from the red triangle surrounding him the man with a shovel has a new vigour even though his image could do with a scrub.

It is sad that bicycles left leaning against a fence or a wall now have to be chained up and locked because of the  inevitability of their being stolen. Leave a bike unlocked and you can't blame anyone who nicks it seems to be a principle accepted by custom and practise.  In fact  by leaving your bike unfettered you are to blame for putting temptation in  the way of otherwise honest people. Today I watch a man, without the usual chain and padlock, tie his bicycle to a post with a  plastic bag wound into a sort of rope. It takes him some time to secure a knot which I suppose means that a would-be thief would take as long to undo it.

Two young men walking line astern with babies in push chairs should not occasion comment. But I can't help noticing that the pubs are about to open. Perhaps that is why they are walking so fast.

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