Tuesday, March 27, 2012

wired drinking dry

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In the very small shop which provides a sewing and repair service there is barely room for three  people. I am waiting  for a pair of trousers which have been repaired. A large girl enters (or so she seems on account of the limited space); and then another even larger (or so she seems on account of the limited space). The first one greets the newcomer: "How are you?" Terrible. You know I've given up drinking. I saw that girl on Big Brother. So I thought I've give up. Terrible. I can't sleep; I've had a cold." "Perhaps," says her friend, "you would have caught a cold anyway." They are both shouting (Or so it seems because of the limited space). I make my way out of the shop, opening the door with difficulty. Outside everything seems quiet, even the traffic thundering past.

In the convenience store the owner says to me apropos of two young men who come in and leave. "Did you know?" he says, "If you are a registered alcoholic, they give you money for drink." Of such statements are myths made and  even  history written. Of course, he may be right. I haven't checked.

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