Monday, March 05, 2012

dancing chitting lunching

Posted by Picasa Another in my series of doodle postcards.

Chitting is what we do to seed potatoes at this time of year i e stand them upright in egg boxes to sprout , a practise said to strengthen and speed their growth once planted. You are encouraged to rub off some of the less confident looking sprouts. I am oddly  reluctant to do this, for the same reason that I do not like thinning out seedlings.It is foolish and illogical of me, but it  still seems a waste of resources. Rubbish of course.  It would be as foolish  to say the same of  consumable clouds of spawning fish and crustaceans in tropical oceans. And a few sprouts are supposed to produce more potatoes than the full complement.

The pub called The Black Pig the other day could not manage to produce a Scotch egg with the egg hard boiled rather than runny.  Runny is how they used to serve them until a fashion for soft Scotch eggs took hold. I am reminded of this today as I note that lunch is served from 12 till 9. Lunch, a mark of the times, like the Scotch egg has become a flexible feast if not a runny one.


tristan said...

Let us roll all our strength and all
Our sweetness up into one ball,
And tear our pleasures with rough strife
Through the iron gates of life:
Thus, though we cannot make our sun
Stand still, yet we will make him run.

The Crow said...

At first glance, I thought your postcard was of one of those Spanish dancer sea slugs, which I find beautiful. That thought, and the flurry of movement in your art, reminded me of the time I saw the Jose Greco Dance Company in New Orleans, my first exposure to the art of flamenco.

Either way, I've enjoyed the colors and movement in your postcard. Your title for it is perfect, too.

Roderick Robinson said...

As you know I have at different periods of my life watched Gardener's World on telly. Carol Klein's face, manner and accent prevent me from doing so at the moment.It seems you are not alone. Geoff Hamilton, Alan Titchmarch and Monty Don regularly went out of their way in urging viewers to prune savagely - which I take to be a variant of practising triage on potato sprouts. Gardeners are at heart soft-hearted or, if not that, they invest the plants they cherish with anthropomorphic tendencies. Spud sprouts seen like human fingers. There are many reasons why I never took up gardening, this is merely the latest.

Unknown said...

Tristan Scotch eggs were one imagines far from Marvell's mind, but perhaps he would have appreciated the metaphysical connotation.

Crow Flamenco which I love watching and listening to was not in my mind in this picture but thank you for putting it there. Perhaps it will inspire me to a Flamenco doodle card.

L d P I do not dilike pruning roses, fruit trees and the like. My reluctance to rub off the shoots emerging from a tuber or prick out baby seedlings is therefore illogical and foolish but I overcome the weakness as, if you were not already hardened in your ways, I would urge you to do.