Wednesday, April 25, 2012

beware gold courting

One of the more mysterious of road signs. What does it signify? "Danger low flying motorbikes" is one suggestion.

Sudden downpours drive me to take a taxi from the place where Heidi is recovering from her operation. The driver has a gold ring in his left ear. Before long he tells me that he comes from Kalgoorlie in West Australia.  He was a gold miner. To be precise he used to  drive a dump truck in a gold mine. He loved the work and misses it.  He has been living in England for four years, and is not a little homesick. What keeps you here? I ask. "My wife isn't quite ready for the move," he says.  "What do you miss most?"  "The thick layer of red dust you find on your car in the morning," he says.

The pigeons which have been sitting  calmly on the parapet of the house opposite  during the winter have suddenly realized that it is spring. Courting time has come and  today male vigorously pursues  female through rain and sun.

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