Saturday, April 28, 2012

open parrots reminders

Opening time on the horse chestnut tree.

All winter long the parrot tulips which I planted in  the Autumn have been gathering strength for the spring. But what spring? Gradually and reluctantly they have opened their scaly, green buds to find  only steady rain, at best showers. Their red petalsbvopen they seemed to be asking, how do we close again?

On the radio I hear an entry for a design competition. It is a scented walking stick. It is intended for dementia sufferers who apparently invariably lose weight because they forget to eat. The stick is designed to release food smells at prescribed times to make them hungry. It reminds me that the smell of food indeed sharpens the appetite.


Lucy said...

Oh lovely new banner!

Roderick Robinson said...

I wonder about music and Alzheimer's - pure self-interest, you understand. Music can be so deeply embedded, perhaps there's a chance it may out-survive this awful disease. Some consolation I suppose and the walking stick has already been invented in the form of the MP3 player.

CC said...

Like your new Duck header very much.

My poor Grandmom suffered from Alzheimers for many years.
When all other signs of memory were gone, she would still hum and react to old familiar tunes.

Unknown said...

They say that music helps Alzheimers sufferers. My Mother had it and we found that her long term memories were often retained, while her short term memories had a span of seconds. Music is obviously deep rooted.