Tuesday, April 24, 2012

blackbird fortunate demographics

Blackbird again. The secret is to stand very still and aim the camera slowly when the bird is close.
I can never resist a photograph. Is that the blackbird talking? Or me?

Drifts of conversation  tantalising glimpses of longer stories, from people  you pass in the street always intrigue. "Fortunately he's a very positive, cheerful person," says an elderly lady to another, "or I wouldn't still be with him."

The empty supermarket building next to the railway station is in business again. When the Morrison chain bought Safeway which used to own the site, they closed it down. Pressure from the Council and the town's member of parliament has persuaded Morrison's to reopen rather than leave the site the vacant eyesore which it has been for nearly 10 years.  The new store say the owners is specially designed to meet the requirements of Tunbridge Wells.  What does that mean? Posh and expensive one supposes.  As I walk back, I meet some neighbours. "Ah", they say  "it's good that they have taken note of the demographics."


Lucy said...

A good thing about going away is the collection of NTT posts which await me on my return!

Hope Heidi is recovering well.

CC said...

Your Blackbird photo is even more
wonderful enlarged. Handsome fellow.
(Assuming the bird is male.... maybe

CC said...

Definitely male. :~)

Unknown said...

Yes, the male has black feaathers; the female brown.