Friday, April 20, 2012

shoes forget-me-nots lamb

Looking  up in Calverley Ground,  I see these shoes  suspended from the branches of what I will always in future think of as the shoe tree.

Forget-me-nots, (mystotis is the gardeners' name), grows everywhere in the vegetable garden. Is it presumption or are they bestowing an honour. Two plants have taken perilous root even on top of  the 6 ft high brick wall that borders the garden. Look what I can do, they say.

One word stays with me as I pass a couple in conversation. The word is "mint sauce", or is it two words? I do not like the old fashioned, vinagary mint sauce that used to be served with lamb. But I suddenly have an overwhelming appetite for roast leg of lamb, pink and spiked with garlic and with anchovies inserted into the flesh. And mint sauce. Yes but a modern one, sweetened and perhaps moderated with yogurt like an Indian mint sauce.


CC said...

Heard the expression "shoe tree" but never saw one before..:~)

Not a lamb eater, I like a little vinegary mint sauce tossed with a cucumber, lettuce and tomato salad, delicious. Some what Middle Eastern in flavor.

Rouchswalwe said...

Around here, one sometimes sees shoes strung on telephone wires. I've never understood that.

Lucas said...

Another curious thing seen in the branches of trees used to be strung out spools of audiotape, however with the advent of CDs that has stopped happening.