Sunday, April 29, 2012

dandy wild water

Dandy dandelion, the essence of dandyness.

Walking up  the long, wood-fringed drive to the place where Heidi is recovering from her operation is a delight. A shower seems to bestow greater clarity on the birdsong. There are bluebells - English bluebells as distinct from the larger, paler blowzier Spanish bluebells which are common where I live - among the trees, and, on the verge wood anemones, bugle, lesser celandine, primroses, violets in abundance, and a patch of orchids which I have identified as early purple. And dandelions of course, which should never be taken for granted.

Out comes the sun this afternoon after the rain. Water is still running in the gullies beside the paths in The Grove. It plops and gurgles into the grills of a drain. A sound like a mountain stream,  but far, too far from the moors and mountains, for which suddenly I find myself longing.

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Lucy said...

So glad Heidi's recovering in a lovely place which you enjoy visiting. Best to you both.