Thursday, April 05, 2012

philosophy serenity pick

Graffiti in a bus shelter at Groombridge with an editorial deletion, not the photographer's.

On a corner of The High Street is an advertisement for Serenity Therapies qualified as "Beauty holistic therapies for men and women". This seems to me to encompass most of the treatments designed as a substitute for religion, healthy diet, fresh air and exercise. What interests me is the word "serenity" which describes something  desirable in its own right, even though it brings a whiff of superiority in its wake as in  the exclusive calm and tranquillity attributed to some European royalty in the title " His or Her Serene Highness". Willing to forgo the royal association I would like to be and to remain serene in the face of  present turmoil and disaffection.

 I have just acquired a garden tool which I have always sought but rarely been able to identify. It is a sort of hoe but with a short handle and a cutting implement angled inwards at 45 degrees. You attack the soil, be it hard and stony or dry and crumbly, with a chopping action which is greatly satisfying. Apart from weeding and preparing the ground, the sharp point of the blade is a very present help in setting out plants or refining a furrow for seeds.  I have seen this abroad but I can't remember where, whether in Europe or the Far  East. Maybe it is the sort of tool used for setting our rice plants in paddy fields.  From the Internet I learn that the particular tool that I have bought is called a Japanese pick.

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