Saturday, May 19, 2012

crow rare whistles

Crow in profile proclaims his presence.

I have always been puzzled about the derivation of the term "hot dog".  In the food market in The Pantiles a stall advertises "rare breed hot dogs". Rare breed meat from unusual, fine tasting and often uneconomic breeds of pig, cow, sheep,  are commonly available at farmers markets nowadays.  But  rare breed dogs?  I know.  But I can't help it.

A neighbour brings us asparagus as a present. "Instead of flowers," she says. As she prepares to leave I notice that she has a whistle on her key ring. I too have one, which came as it happens from a Christmas cracker. For a moment I think she has picked up my keys by mistake. "Snap," I say when I realise. "It belonged to my Mother," she says. We both put our whistles to our lips and trill in unison like two strange birds.


Lucy said...

I always thought Weimaraners sounded a bit like sausages...

CC said...

Love your Crow photo.