Friday, June 01, 2012

cornice subjects found

Cornice with pigeon.

An idea says my daughter would be to string together and make a long list of  the subjects of a year's emails.

Looking for a letter  which  I have mislaid, I find another  lost item that I had given up all hope of recovering. It is a neat little box of acquerelle crayons which I bought when visiting the Tapies Museum in Barcelona. It has accompanied me on my travels and I have grown fond of it. Somehow it has slipped over the back of a drawer into the space behind where  in my desperation I have been searching for the letter. No letter but a fair exchange I think. And then I find the missing letter too. Not in the drawer space but in a folder among some drawings. A nagging feeling  now assails me:  I can't thing of anything which I should be looking for and can't find.

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tristan said...

checklist ... arse ? elbow ?