Tuesday, September 04, 2012

lamp post danger gnawing

Today's pigeon on a lamp post. When it leaves with a powerful flap of its wings  the street lamp swings to and fro.

Vale Road which bends down from the round-about opposite the station towards the London Road and The Common, is a dangerous road to cross. Unless that is you walk all  the way down  to the pedestrian crossing by the old post office. Many people can't be bothered. My sympathies are with them. and particularly with a couple of elderly ladies this morning. One of them advances into the traffic with great deliberation and with a grand gesture raises her walking stick when  half way across to allow her companion on a zimmer frame to follow with with similar dignity.

The apples have been disappearing faster than usual from the espaliered apple trees in the vegetable garden. I know why.  Twice I have seen squirrels with apples in their mouths scampering across the lawn. And I have noticed several half eaten apples lying about far away from the trees. Of the few apples remaining on the trees a number are scarred with tale little teeth marks. Scrumping apples was a favourite pass time when I was young, so I can be amused rather than angry at  the squirrels' behaviour.


Roderick Robinson said...

Pleased you drew attention (in your headline) to a word starting with the silent g. I think too of gnu and gnocchi. Not only is it impossible to ignore this subversive sound, the tendency is to over-pronounce it. I wonder about the the possibilities of Glorenzo but that becomes something else akin to Britten's opera (Words by William Plomer; a man with a silent name you might say). da Gponte and I cease to be Italian.

Lucas said...

This great bird photo creates the strange illusion that the lamp post is there for the exress purpose of being a perch for the pigeon.