Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shade, sweepings and weird people

Into the shade.

As I prune the hedge the wind blows away the the lighter leaves and trimmingsgs. Where do they go?  Down the road into somebody else's backyard. What can I do? I feel sneaky though. It's like brushing the dust under the rug.  Or knocking something off a shelf in the supermarket and leaving it as though you haven't noticed it fall.

Old people increasingly refer to other old people and even some young people as odd, weird, excentric. Without such qualities how dull we would all be? Some of course aspire to be ordinary, Now that is weird.


Roderick Robinson said...

I too have suffered from those guilty blown-away cuttings - in my case quite substantial branches of clipped-off pyracantha. To avoid this I resorted initially to a secondary cutting, reducing them to bite-sized pieces which could be pushed more easily into black plastic garbage bags. Very tedious, with much bending. As an interim solution I bought a second dustbin which held the plastic bags erect and open, slightly simplifying the transfer from pavement to bag. A third solution evoked our shared materials handling roots - biggish woven self-standing bags with handles which resembled IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) and which took the branches unclipped. Finally, like your post, I acknowledged the onset of old age and now pay someone else. Separated from these horticultural (perhaps arboreal) considerations I am now free to decide whether or not to devote 1% of my waking day to poetry. Most of the time the answer is no, but occasionally I give in - but only to read that which I have read before. Or, because of its pleasing accessibility, I turn to the complete poetic works of Yeats which I downloaded months ago to my Kindle at the nominal charge of nothing.

Unknown said...

Yeats, his later poems in particular, will more than justifiy 1 per cent of your waking day. I hadn't realised until fairly recently how deeply imbedded these poems were in my mind.

A device which i acquired some years ago to assist the loading of disposable bags with garden rubbish is delightful simple. It consists of a sheet of flexible plastic which you roll up and insert in vertically into the bag. As it expands it open the bag and keeps it open