Monday, April 28, 2008

abstract, carpets, camera angle

If someone had painted this, it would have taken a long time before he (or she) was satisfied with it. The camera is quicker though the labour of the elements no less intense.

Dandelions on one side of the path, daisies on the other, make carpets of gold and white where the grass in the Grove has not been cut.

In the window of an expensive tv and hi fi shop a young man is lying on his back on the floor beneath a CD player in the shape of a narrow column. There are slots for the disks - four in all -arranged one above the other, so that the disks face out, level with the front of the column. From the floor, he takes a photograph of the column with a digital camera pointing upwards.
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Lucas said...

It is hard to look at the image for long without seeing all kinds of figures and narratives emerging from it. Charioteers? Tolkien Orks or sorcerers?