Saturday, April 12, 2008

semi-colons,eight shades, weather

I like semi-colons. And I like this quote from an anonymous French grammarian: "The semi-colon is necessary; I have just proved it."

In the florist, sheets of tissue paper are hung by the corners separated into eight colours, each bundle on a separate butchers' hook. The hooks hang from a rail above a work table. I note eight colours: brown, mauve, three shades of red, orange, yellow and green. An assistant, when wrapping a bunch of flowers, pulls down a tissue, lays it on to a sheet of brown paper and folds over the edges to keep it in position . She selects a colour to match the flowers. Finally, she secures the wrapping with raffia.

Outside the window this afternoon, it grows dark. There is a sudden flash of lightening and a roll of thunder. Big drops of rain rattle against the glass and suddenly the sun comes out, though it hasn't stopped raining.

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tristan said...

i like to see a semi-colon on the page; as did thomas hobbes, author of leviathan and, like myself, from malmesbury