Tuesday, April 08, 2008

calm, horse-chestnut, bank debt

A long , slow, sad film called In the Mood for Love by the Chinese director Wong Kar-Wei, is about unrequited love. It rains a lot. Thinking about it afterwards, I enjoy the way the characters move slowly and gracefully as they go about their daily lives.

Horse chestnuts are in bud. What will eventually be white, cone-shaped candles are now little peaks of close knit, green buds. They remind me of bunches of grapes but they point up rather than down.

The clock above the door of the National Westminster bank is an hour behind the rest of us. Presumably it has been that way since the clocks were supposed to go forward on March 30. I amuse myself by trying to calculate how much time the bank would be in the red if it banked time.


Lucy said...

If I had a bank balance of joy and good feeling, it would be much augmented by my visits here!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lucy. Your visits always fill me with joy and good feeling.

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)