Sunday, April 27, 2008

armed, white bluebell, conversation

I have to look up the word "stanchion" to see if that is what this is. I think it may be.

A white bluebell appears in a patch of blue bluebells where, in previous years, there were only blue bluebells.

"Have you done anything exciting this week?" asks the checkout girl at Sainsbury's. "Yes," I say because it seems the easiest alternative to a dissertation. Half way through the checkout procedure she pursues the conversation: "Are you looking forward to anything next week?"
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Barrett Bonden said...

You shouldn't leave us all suspended. Are you?

Tall Girl said...

and what DID you think a stanchion was, and what is it? Actually I'll look it up too. Coincidentally my sister suggested it might be the word for something whose name I did not know yesterday..

Plutarch said...

It is a stanchion. I thought it was something like this. I was a little uncertain because this redundant piece of hardware, imposing as it is,seemed so powerful in its ambandonement. I have always been shy of technical words, and, much as I liked the sound of the word, I could not quite believe that I had used it correctly. This particular stanchion is one of a line of stanchions on a wall over the railway station in Tunbridge Wells. As far as I can see it once supported barbed wire to prevent people scaling the wall and descending on to the platform, about 30 ft below.