Sunday, April 13, 2008

the thought, spray, names

In the supermarket, I grab a bunch of tulips, and add it to the shopping. At home, it appears that the flowers are on their last legs, almost at an end of their useful life. "The thought is nice," says Heidi. We decide to discard most of the flowers and put the thought in a vase.

The buds and embryo catkins of a silver birch spread out from its branches like green spray.

Among some people's names which emerge in a Collection of Bad Baby Names by Michael Sherrod and Matthew Rayback are: Warren Peace and Chastity Beltz.


Lucas said...

Long live the semi colon. It is the best substitute for not only the full stop but also the abundantly misused comma.

Matthew Rayback said...

Hey. I'm the co-author of Bad Baby Names. Thanks for picking up on it. If you or your readers want to know more, check out my blog