Thursday, April 24, 2008

surface, euphorbia, honey mangoes

Shapes and colours, usually ignored on a disintegrating wall prove full of promise when photographed. Seams, wrinkles and fissures become tokens of a state of being.

Modest flowers suit me best. What more modest than euphorbia with its clusters of greenish yellow, heart-shaped petals and green bracts!

Some little, golden mangoes described as "Ghana honey mangoes" are soft to the touch and aromatic. "I bet they taste good, " I say to the greengrocer on the strength of their perfume alone. "There's a little old lady," he says, "who has bought two every day, since I have had them."
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Lucy said...

That surface is quite iridescent...

Unknown said...

The trouble is I can't rememeber on which patch of what wall I took the snap.