Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gollum, black and white, 100 years

A sound, half a hiss half a growl, comes up behind us. A small boy with a thin, clever face, says: "I'm Gollum". His mother's smile is a mixture of pride and embarrassment.

Mr Crow is oh so black. Oh so white is the plastic bag, which quivers on the grass. Says Mr Crow, "I want nothing of you"; and off he flaps.

On the wall of Miles' Garage in Little Mount Sion, a sign has been painted, which reads: "Established 100 years". There would have been few cars in 1908. I like to think of those that were around being repaired at Miles, as cars of a different vintage are today. The little workshop on the corner of the road almost encapsulates the entire history of the motor car.

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