Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hunting, perspective and magazines


In a small garden like ours we  tend to monitor the behaviour of individual plant. The agapanthus is better than we expected. The fuchsia is taking a rest before its second bloom, the white rose is free from black spot and so so one. In real gardens they speak of  the health of groups of such plants that grow in swathes in long borders. Likewise in the vegetable garden it never occurs to me to inspect an individual runner bean or sweet corn or beetroot. It's a question of perspective.

What do you with magazines? Half read they pile up rebuking me for not having read them. There comes a point when I never will.  With so many books to read, to say nothing of the stuff that turns up  daily on screen,  why bother with transitory bumph? Perhaps I put up with magazines because  once I used to edit one and cared deeply about its arrival on my desk every week. Though once an issue was out, faults came to light and I cared less for it. As I now care less and less for the mountain that grows by the minute on my desk.

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