Friday, August 16, 2013

Relationships, peristence and pockets

Bud and flower.

In the High Street an Austen 7 drives past. It is  rather older than  me but in better shape. My Mother once had such a car a photograph tells me. As it chugs by this one looks very much at home. Old things which persist should be valued if only for their persistence

A blue zipped fishing jacket  goes for repair.  It has lots of pockets. What shall I do without it? It seems to me that the chief purpose of clothes is to incorporate pockets.


Lucas said...

What an amazing colour! The Austin 7 was a remarkable car, as was the Morris Minor. I wonder whether the little "Smart Cars" have to some extent followed in their ..... tyre tracks.

Roderick Robinson said...

The Austen 7 was a special model only sold to those who could successfully answer ten questions that proved they'd read Persuasion. I'm not at all surprised that the remaining example has found a home in TW.

Unknown said...

Lucas A new variety of nasturtium I think. This one escaped from the seed tray and is now flourishing among the runner beans.

Robbie Point taken. I must have been thinking about Jane because I do (or thought I did) know the difference.