Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Investigation, copulation and persistence

Investigation in progress.

Unbridled sex is in the air. It is flying ant day,  heavy and humid. Males and queens copulate in flight. The earth, still damp from yesterday's rain , allows the  impregnated queens to dig a nest and start a colony, which they are probably doing as I write. 

The only flowers in our garden when we came to this house twenty five years ago were Japanese anemones, perennials which once established, are hard to dislodge. They still grow in the same place.  I love and admire the persistence of the pretty pink blooms


Tom said...

Mid-air copulation? Gosh, this is getting exciting! :)

I also grow Japanese anemones, but of a pink variety. They never fail, bless 'em.

Unknown said...

Ours are pink but I prefer the white. They strike me as archetypal flowers.