Sunday, July 31, 2005

Cous cous. grandchildren, heron

Making a cous cous. The ingredients for the sauce, grow in complexity as the taste adjusts to what you want. They include: ground, mixed tropical peppercorns; preserved lemons; pickled sweet peppers; dried apricots; finely chopped ruby chard; sliced, baby courgettes; corriander. It is to be eaten with roast chicken.

Teenage grandchildren coming to lunch on their way to France. Taller than last time, talkative, hungry, they seem to be intriguing connections with all possible tenses.

I read in a review of a new book, Red Weather by Ruth Padel, a quotation from which, among other things, makes me want to read it: "...a heron lands with a flapping sound like someone hanging out the washing."

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tristan said...

when i'm cycling by the thames in the dark on my way to work the herons croak in panic and flap away unseen unless they are wise enough to cower until i pass