Saturday, May 07, 2011

heron, bowling, ice cream

Posted by PicasaI have seen this heron before on the lake opposite Groombridge Place. Today, aiming my camera a little ahead of its flight path, I capture its graceful progress over the water.

There is an open day at The Grove Bowling Club. I have never played bowls, but I enjoy learning the bowling action. You keep  the bowl low so that it touches the ground just ahead of where you dispatch it. Allowing for the bias to left or right, the object is for your bowl to stop as close as possible to the jack. The gentle action and follow-through in the line of your arm, and aiming, allowing of course for the bias, to left or right, is deeply satisfying.

Heidi treats me to an ice cream from Juliet's in the High Street. We sit on a bench with a cornet each, like a couple of children, and watch shoppers go past.


CC said...

Love your Heron.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you like it. The photo was luck rather than skill. It is surprising what can be done with a compact camera, albeit quite a versatile one.