Wednesday, May 04, 2011

roof top, garlic, solitary

Posted by PicasaRoof top parade (click for full view).

In Groombridge to day, beside the path opposite Grombridge Place, I note the white flowers, Allium leaves and distinctive smell of ramsons or wild garlic; and later in quite a different habitat in the corner of a farmyard,   the different white flowers and broad nettle-like leaves of Jack by -the hedge, also known as hedge garlic or garlic mustard.  It is not a member the genus Allium, but if you rub the leaves together they smell of garlic. According to ancient herbals it can be used in salads and has been recommended served boiled with mutton.

From the bus I see in the middle of a cricket field a solitary crow. It strikes me that almost every time I pass the spot there is a crow there. Or perhaps there is often one there and I do not think about it when one is absent. But I have long noticed the way a crow seems to take sole possession of a field, when seen from a passing bus or train, as though it is its landlord on the look out for intruders.

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