Sunday, May 08, 2011

petal, scone, white

The parrot tulips are finished. But the  fallen petals  make even better subjects for photographs.(Click for whole picture).

Outside a cafe a man with a ruddy complexion and a white beard  sits in front of a cup of tea. He is visibly enjoying a scone, his jaws moving rhythmically as he watches passers-by.

A white wisteria climbs the red brick wall of a house near The Grove. Because I always think of wisteria as blue, this variety has a special appeal.  It is  a surprise. Though it looks well established, I don't remember seeing it before The tresses hang from the branches with a special elegance. I think of the white garden at Sissinghurst  Castle where flowers and leaves are all white and silver against a background of green.


The Crow said...

You and Georgia O'Keefe - surely best friends to flowers. I especially like the graphic nature of this close-up, the saturated colors and the intimate details of the curling bits. Lovely, lovely!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Crow. Fallen petals are not always for discarding.