Friday, May 27, 2011

Posted by PicasaOne of the Chinese artist, Ai Wai Wai's zodiac sculptures in the courtyard of Somerset House.

I take two plaice from the freezer and leave them to defrost in the kitchen. They are the last of batch of six which we bought from the Farmers' Market in the Pantiles at a good price. As they warm up, their skin, white, underside down on a dish, begins to shine and to reveal the upper pattern of orange spots on a browny gray background, at its most seductive.  It is this view that is designed to deceive overhead predators by its resemblance to the floor of the sea above which the fish swim. Like all understated colours this camouflage becomes more attractive the more you think about it.

Tufts of leaves have blown down from the trees in The Grove and lie scattered over the grass as though giant vandals have wondered among the trees striking  wantonly at the branches with poles.


The Crow said...

I read a few days ago that Ai Wai Wai has disappeared. His studio was destroyed by the Chinese government, supposedly while WaiWai was inside (so goes the rumor), but no one knows for certain because of the government's clamp on information.

Unknown said...

Apparently he is in prison for saying or writing things that the Chinese government disagreed with. His wife was allowed to see him eventually but they took her to his prison without letting her see where it was.