Monday, May 02, 2011

scrap book, volcano, handkerchief

Posted by PicasaOne result of the cold winter and the consequent need for tissues is this page from my scrap book which makes use of the perforated, removable lid on tissue packets. And the ease with which they can be changed into fish.

I read about a volcano in The National Geographic. I note the desirability of understanding a volcano. That and so much more.

The sweater, which I am wearing at the moment, has a little pocket  at the top on the left hand side. Sometimes I forget about it, but today while I am  reading I put my handkerchief into this pocket. Later I can't find the handkerchiefand then I remember where it is, which sets me thinking about the way some men, generally suited men, used to put a folded handkerchief into the top left hand pocket of their jacket. Useful, I always used to think in my romantic youth, should you come across a pretty girl with a spot of grit in her eye and in need of someone to remove it. Now I come to think of it, I must have picked up the idea from the film Brief Encounter when Trevor Howard comes to the help of Celia Johnson who has precisely that problem.


Lucas said...

The thought of those fish swimming through the cosmos to soothe us from the ills of colds and catarrh is very comforting. I enjoy these glimpses into your notebooks.

Roderick Robinson said...

Hah, hah, hah! I was brought up to blow my nose on my handkerchief - a measure of the middle-classes I always thought. Now I have a shocking reputation for doing just that and for returning the handkerchief to my trouser pocket over and over. Sometimes for several months. My close family, influenced by their upbringings in the gentler South, shudder at any references to this topic and avert their eyes when I sneeze, fearing the subsequent emergence of the hideous snotrag. All of which has left me with an alternative version of Brief Encounter, script by,say,Shelagh Delaney and a very different denouement. But what then, I ask my accusers, are handkerchiefs for?