Friday, November 18, 2011

message tap like

Posted by Picasa Before the pub the works - the imprint of a former occupation above The Compasses.

Item on my restaurant bill : " One jug of tap £00.00."

On the train going  home today there are - like- two school girls and they are - like - talking most of the time about - like - boys. And they have - like a lot to say about boys, and - like - show that  "like" is a useful word to indicate- like - how  to talk about whatever boy is- like - on your mind - like- at the moment.


marja-leena said...

I wonder -like- if all teens- like- talk that way -like- everywhere.... at least the English speaking ones.

CC said...

Like OH. no!
Like you mean its spread like over there?
Like too much American movies and like TV?

Like, how sad.... and sorry!

alisonmiller said...

I overheard (~couldn't help it) a similar conversation on the train but my girls continually said "like literally"!?