Saturday, March 03, 2012

table ball threat

Posted by Picasa Close-up of part of a  weathered table outside a pub. Remember the tree.

Tethered to the railings outside the Tesco Metro in Mount Pleasant is a dog, a lurcher of some sort, with an intelligent eye. Between its  paws is a battered ball with toothmarks and one of those plastic arms with a  concave receptacle at the end to assist in hurling balls further than the human arm can manage. 

Opposite the town hall two monstrous humanoids in white plastic space or armoured suites and expressionless helmets mingle with passers by. Nobody takes any notice of them, despite the sinister looking guns which they cradle. My usual curiosity is subdued however. There is something about their weapons and the absence of features which makes me hurry on rather than enquire what if anything they are promoting.


Roderick Robinson said...

There is an assumption that children will like exaggerated humanoids, clowns, mimes, etc, but this is often not the case. Mrs LdP says that our grandson, Ian, became horribly uneasy when shown a marionette in the pedestrian mall at Kingston-upon-Thames, even though he otherwise pooh-poohed all attempts to impress him. It may be genetic. Clowns worried me horribly and when they broke out of the circus ring and rushed in the crown I was terrified.

Roderick Robinson said...

That's crowd not crown.