Tuesday, April 03, 2012

time patisserie fox

St Leonard's on Sea. Same view,  same benches, same sea as in previous years, different angle, different poster on railings, different people on benches. Another year passes.

A new French patisserie is to open tomorrow on the corner of London Road and The High Street. There is a notice on the window which says that it is closed to day for staff training, but though the window I can see immaculately iced cakes, tarts, croissants and the like and an Easter hare made out of sugar. Not the sort of thing that we are used to.  From what I know,  the production of such patisserie is an art and requires the most expensive ingredients and well paid staff. I am sure that the quality will live up to its looks but will local people be prepared for the high prices which can be expected. I hope that they will.

Foxes are probably almost as numerous as pigeons in these parts but are shyer and less in evidence. I like watching pigeons but foxes seem wilder, more free. So when I see one this morning as I open the gate that leads into the vegetable garden, it sends a shiver of excitement through me. Sadly I watch it vanish under a hedge.

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Roderick Robinson said...

A caption for your pic: The Infected Prom Seat.