Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yorkshire pudding beard change

I met this Yorkshire Terrier in a bar. It looks less cute cropped and in close up. I find myself preferring the photograph to the doggy itself which was to my way of thinking a bit of a tart, sucking up to every human in sight. I think there may be a post about it a few days ago.

When stop I to examine a mass of Travellers Joy scrambling over shrubs on a bank behind the station a man comes up behind me: "What's that you're looking at?" he says. I indicate the flowers. "Oh those blooms, what ever they are," he says walking off with a shrug. "I thought you had seen something interesting." As I produce my camera  a minute later a woman approaches from the other direction. "Lovely aren't they, " she says.

For the next two weeks, after 2566 posts, I am going to give this blog a rest. It will be back on or about September 30, so see you then. In the meantime I will be launching my new blog to run in harness with Now's the Time. It is called One Fine Day. Here's the link
but wait until tomorrow because there is nothing there yet.


marja-leena said...

Have a nice blog rest I was goimg to say, but, you are just diverting attention to a new blog! Looking forward to it.

Lucy said...

Putting aside the slightly bereft reaction to the idea of a hiatus at NtT, when really the achievement of such sustained, regular, high-quality blogging for such a long time is more than one has a right to hope for! Looking forward to enjoying the new project, and to your return here.