Sunday, September 08, 2013

A solitary drink, swift stories and Champagne fantasy

A glass of wine

In a review of Philip Pullman's retelling of Grimm's fairy tales, my eye is caught by his take on the stories. "The great value of fairy tales is their swiftness," he write."All we need is the word 'once' and we're off..." It's what I feel about short stories and why I continue to write and post very short ones in One Fine Day.

Sometimes I linger in Sainbury's wine department by the Champagne shelves where a bottle of Krug Grande CuvĂ©e  in carton sits beside one of  Dom Perignon. The Krug is £129.99 for a bottle and the Dom Perignon £113. I see on the Krug carton  a note indicating that it is empty and  there only for display purposes. "Customers wishing to make a purchase should seek the help of staff".  A wine buff comes up behind me and confirms what I already know that  the Krug is worth the difference in price against the Dom Perignon. Only problem is ....

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Lucas said...

I agree that the swiftness of stories as opposed to longer fiction is hugely enticing to the reader (and the writer) I think in a magic way. Stories seem to delve back, redefine.