Saturday, September 07, 2013

Reunited, headphones and lebensraum

 Here is the black and white cat, Luna,  cause of consternation round  here when it thought it was  lost recently, now  reunited with  its owner. It is,  you will see if you look closely, on a leash. Evidently it is given to walking off and getting lost from time time. I am glad to see it, so contented, a contrast to the pitiable creature encountered just a few days ago, when an elderly lady carried her to a nearby cat-carer for love and attention.

A sucker for electronic devices I  am always relieved when I see something I don't want. At the top of the list are headphones. It may sound foolish but I like music to be free in the open air. The idea of it being confined to speakers clamped to my ear does not appeal. Nor do I want to exclude entirely other sounds. May be it is a primitive instinct to keep  on the alert for  predators  shared with animals in the wild  which sleep with one  eye open.

Oh those beans. Today in the drizzle I pick and drop  them into a bag  while the tendrils winding  over the top of the pyramids and other supporting structures, strive to recruit me as an additional pole for their endless lebensraum campaign. I picture myself , my feet threaded to the ground, embraced by the spiralling stems and clambering leaves, blinded by the beans which hang like green rain before my eyes. Much as I love this vegetable world I long to be on holiday  by the sea where beans don't grow.


CC said...

Sweet foolish Cat. Glad its safe again.
In complete agreement regarding head phones.

Wonderful image of you as a bean pole....may draw
my version..
A take off on Jack And The Beanstalk... Joe AS the Beanstalk!! :~)

Unknown said...

That would be flattering as well as interesting.