Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bliss, weeds and getting it wrong.

The young. The Forum  on the edge of The Common is a place to go for gigs in Tunbridge Wells.

Weeds by R Lloyd Praeger is one of the books which I refer to from time because it gives me a new perspective. Many wild flowers loved and fostered by naturalists and even gardeners qualify at some time or other to be listed as weeds. What is a weed then? Any plant growing where people don't want it to grow. I mentioned Persicaria (also known as knotweed)  the other day, because I keep seeing it in formal flower beds and on the market stalls of nurserymen. At first acquaintance I rather ignored it. Its closeness to dock and mountain sorrel,  plants of course appearance with unimpressive flowers, may be the explanation. But its flowers are altogether more striking and its leaves less intrusive. Praegar has little time for it."The main point," he writes, "as in the case of all annual plants, is to prevent seeding; this is accomplished by energy in hoeing and hand pulling."

Though looking back  I guess that I am or have been wrong in my views and judgements much of the time. Fifty per cent  right would be a good score. I wonder if others can claim to do much better.


The Crow said...

Re: making errors in judgement - I certainly cannot claim to have done better in my lifetime. I can only hope to have done as well.

Unknown said...

It matters only little if you or I make errors of jusdgement compared to those whose judgements affect the fate of millions of people.