Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Pigeonhood, precision and pollen

Being a pigeon.

Wild is not an epithet I can get used to when it is applied to fish. They are taciturn and have serious expressions which remind me of bilious humans pursued by worries.  Of course fishmongers and restaurateurs use the term  to indicate that the fish in question are not farmed but I wish sometimes for another more precise word.

Some of the bee-attracting plants which I have been so successful in the vegetable garden this year are good for cutting. The flowers do not last long so you have to pick those with the liveliest appearance, petals glistening, newly opened for business. They are surely laden with the most pollen.  So I find myself waiting while the bees ahead of me busy themselves with  the freshest flowers. They are  the same ones that catch my eye but for different reasons.


The Crow said...

This is a wonderful image of the pigeon. They're so common we take them for granted. Your photo lets me see them from a different perspective, literally and figuratively: lets me see the formality of their morning coat in silvery, silk-like splendor, the precision of their feathers' alignment, the almost human shape to their shoulders - the cock of its head, as if in thoughtful musing of something we cannot see, but might look at the same way if we did.

Good photos tell stories as well as present images. This is a very good photo.

marja-leena said...

I tried three times to comment earlier today, hrmmph!

I love the pigeon photo - so excellent! The Crow has said it so well that I could not say it any better.

Odd to think we humans may be in competition with the bees over the flowers.

Unknown said...

Thank you both. I feel a bit silly photographing the same things in the narrow orbit of my life. But it seems to me that the closer you look the more you see. At least that is my justification.

Lucas said...

The quality of pigeonhood is captured well here, as is flyhood in the subsequent post. It is good to be able to comment.