Wednesday, January 09, 2013

health trivial avoidance

Cheers. New Year drinks. The Guinness on the right is mine. Reduced booze or no, I still cannot bring myself to drink from a half pint mug.

At the clinic which I attend once a year the nurse has a problem with her computer with regard to my smoking. I tell her that I probably smoke between 1 doz and a a dozen and a half cigars ( Montecristo No 5 - they are small ones) per year. "I had better put you down as a non-smoker," she says. And then corrects herself. No. Here it is: 'trivial smoker' ".

On my way home I spot a neighbour who when I greet him always tell me how he is. I see him in front of a shop window and hurry past to avoid an exchange of health news. I hurry on, not looking back. And then it occurs to me that this might be a case of mutual avoidance.

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